Bringing it All Together: Finer Points of Sofa Cleaning

A sofa usually brings together the interior design of a living room which makes it a really important piece of furniture. Although many people may try to be extremely careful around a new fancy sofa, accidents and spills may still occur. When cleaning stains and spills on a sofa, it is important to do it correctly to avoid ruining the sofa's fabric or upholstery.

Do-It-Yourself Cleaning

If a sofa only needs minor cleaning, it probably is not worth it to hire a professional cleaning service. Individuals should be able to complete the job with any good vacuum, which should be able to get rid of all the dirt and small pieces of trash underneath the cushions. If you use shampoo for your sofa, make sure to find out what shampoos are safe for the specific type of fabric on the sofa in question.

Professional Sofa Cleaners

Sofas that are especially valuable and delicate may require professional sofa cleaners. These trained sofa cleaning professionals are educated in the maintenance of various types of fabrics and upholstery, and know which chemicals to use when cleaning stains. They have access to tools made for cleaning upholstery that are more advanced than what most people have in their homes. Additionally, for those who have a large number of sofas to be cleaned, it may be more time efficient to hire a professional company that specializes in sofa cleaning.

Wet Cleaning vs. Dry Cleaning

The method that an individual or a professional should use when cleaning a sofa will depend upon the type of material of the upholstery. The two main types of cleaning methods are wet cleaning and dry cleaning. Wet cleaning refers to any method that uses any form of water during the process; for example, steam cleaning is considered a wet cleaning method. However, sofa cleaning involving more sensitive upholstery fabrics may require a dry cleaning method in order to avoid damaging the fabric.

Maintenance Cleaning

Another important part of keeping a sofa clean is regular maintenance cleaning. Vacuuming the cushions and backs once per week will prevent future sanitation problems such as mold or ants. Use a vacuum with a special attachment made for this type of cleaning. This will help clean all of the hard to reach spots. A soft brush will also help to remove any loose soil after vacuuming.

Health Hazards

Although sofa cleaning is relatively safe, there are a few things that should be considered. The cleaning solution a person chooses to utilize may or may not be toxic. Checking the label and instructions will help determine proper usage and potential dangers. Some solutions may be harmful to humans and to pets if accidentally ingested. Other solutions may irritate those with asthma or other types of breathing problems.

It is advisable to know when to use which method. This can prevent an average person from ruining a sofa through the use of the wrong cleaning method. Perform as much research as possible before deciding upon which cleaning method to pursue. When in doubt, hire an upholstery cleaning professional with extensive knowledge in their trade.